Julian and Melody provide a variety of performances appropriate for all age audiences! From a large-scale performing arts theater to an up-close and personal venue, The Pittman's make events magical! Their shows are action-packed, fast-paced, and crowd-pleasing! This husband and wife team of professional entertainers magically transform your venue into a theatrical performance space with professional backdrops, stage lighting, and sound system, as well as their International Award-Winning Show! Pittman Magic, Juggling, & Comedy is the #1 Magical Variety Show and your best option for high-quality entertainment!

Length: Up to 2 hours
Description: An amazing night of “A+” entertainment! This magical extravaganza is jam-packed with Vegas-style grand stage illusions, juggling and balancing talents, escapes, light-hearted comedy, and opportunities for audience interaction. Witness this dynamic husband and wife duo perform grand stage illusions together, as well as spectacular juggling and balancing acts performed by Julian, and stunning stage magic acts performed by Melody. Appropriate for a theater with a raised stage and auditorium seating.

Length: 30 to 45 minutes
Description: Want to do something new and exciting for your company’s annual convention or networking event? Want something extra special to impress a potential business partner or new client? Well, you have come to the right place! The Pittman’s corporate show includes customizable options excellent for setting you apart from the rest. The show can feature your theme or central message, or your VIP or CEO can even be included as a star in the show!

Length: Up to 1 hour
Description: A condensed version of the stage show that plays big but travels small! Features comedic and interactive stage magic, juggling, balancing feats, and 2 of our smaller, but still spectacular, Vegas-style stage illusions. This is the ideal show for a venue with limited space or an event requiring quick set-up or break-down of equipment. This is by far The Pittman’s most popular program, as this intimate entertainment experience can be performed almost anywhere!

Length: Up to 3 hours
Description: A performance of up-close and personal interactions with magic, juggling, and comedy accompanied by progressive beverage and meal service. The Pittman’s offer this entertainment service for banquet halls, restaurants with private dining facilities, or conference rooms with on-site catering. You can even be a guest at their periodic dinner show open to the general public. More information available at DestinMagicDinnerTheater.com.

Length: 30 minutes
Description: The Pittman’s fair and festival productions are one-of-a-kind, leaving patrons with a sense of wonder and amazement! This is why fair boards and festival entertainment directors have them back year after year. Custom fair or festival entertainment packages are tailored to fulfill your event needs – multiple shows per day, consecutive days, etc. Show is suitable for main, arena, side, or tent stages.

Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Description: As an International Silver Medalist Juggler with years of professional entertainment experience, Julian beautifully showcases juggling skills with clubs, rings, billiard pockets, mouth juggling, fire torches, sports equipment, playing a xylophone with ping-pong balls, and who knows what else! If that’s not enough, Julian’s balancing act highlights insane balancing feats on the rolla bolla, including graduated size hoops, towering stacks, and other unmatched surprises!

Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Description: Melody’s talents as a showman, or shall we say, “Show Woman” go beyond that of just a “lovely assistant.” Her namesake show, Melody Magic, helps to break the glass ceiling in magic for its female soloist twist. Audiences enjoy her sassy spunk, enchanting smile, and charming performances of classic illusions, stage magic, and light-hearted audience interaction. Combine passion with years of stage time, and it’s a win-win situation!

Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Description: The Pittman’s proudly support education, which is why this show is perfect for PTO or PTA events like a school fundraiser, parent’s night out, student rewards program, or summer library show. Staff, students, and guests have opportunities to take part in the magic, specifically tailored to appeal to a younger audience. The show can be themed around a central message – reading is magic, life-long learning, etc. As an added bonus, The Pittman’s are screened and approved vendors. Notably, and they are also the recipients of the Cox and Bravo Network Champion of Arts in Education Award!

Length: 30 minutes
Description: Great for family reunions to wedding receptions! From adults to children, this type of performance will give your event that needed edge to have your guests talking about your special day for years to come! This type of entertainment can be performed together by Julian and Melody or as solo acts from either available entertainer. Be sure to check out the above descriptions of Julian and Melody’s solo acts, too!